Automated Central Fill Solutions to
Reclaim Time and Resources

The long-held promises of prescription automation are now here for nearly any pharmacy. With CoverMyMeds' prescription automation solutions, pharmacies of nearly any size can process prescriptions at a central location, without manual and daily medication management at each store.

Potential benefits of prescription automation

  • Reduce cost-to-fill
  • Additional time for patient services
  • Address labor shortages
  • Reduce on-site inventory
  • Minimize errors
  • Enhance quality control

Central Fill as a Service™

Central Fill as a Service (CFaaS®) is a centralized prescription fulfillment service that connects pharmacies to CoverMyMeds-operated central fill facilities where medicines are dispensed using advanced automation technology and intelligent pharmacy control software.

With a pay-per-script fee structure, organizations can realize the benefits of centralized dispensing without requiring a significant upfront investment or ongoing maintenance fees.

robot arm filling prescription bottles

CFaaS benefits

  • Maximize brand recognition and patient trust with custom prescription labels
  • Avoid years of central fulfillment build-out with speed to market 
  • Ease of access and experience from seamless integration with McKesson
  • Get peace of mind and support from McKesson's 30+ years of automation expertise  
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Build and Own a Central Fill Facility

Build and customize a central fill facility in coordination with CoverMyMeds' team of experts to meet specific pharmacy needs. High-volume dispensing and fulfillment hardware implemented with industry-leading pharmacy control software can create a seamless experience.

bottles being machine-filled

Facility ownership benefits

  • Ownership and management of own facility
  • Customization via a tailored automation system designed to meet specific needs
  • Flexibility and freedom to design workflows and customize processes for optimized efficiency and easier adaptation to demands
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Interested in Central Fill Services?

CoverMyMeds offers full-service pharmacy solutions to support both front-end prescription management and centralized prescription fulfillment.

Central fill not the right solution? Explore other CoverMyMeds fulfillment solutions.

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