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Unlock New Revenue Streams with a Custom Pharmacy Solution

Pharmacy as a Service (PaaS) is an end-to-end virtual pharmacy solution that provides organizations with user-friendly, front-end prescription processing and back-end fulfillment facilitated through CoverMyMeds facilities.

Backed by McKesson and 30+ years of experience operating high-volume dispensing automation, PaaS helps biopharma, health systems, telemedicine and retail businesses enter or expand the pharmacy space with minimal upfront investment and eliminates the need to navigate the complex regulations around pharmacy services.

How it Works
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The patient’s prescriber submits a prescription directly to your organization’s dedicated, private-labeled virtual pharmacy through their EHR system.

PaaS solutions are designed to provide:

Operational efficiencies

  • Enjoy a user-friendly API that allows you to gain data and insights to improve patient experience.
  • Enter the market in weeks with minimal resources, expertise and upfront investment.
  • Connect to the CoverMyMeds pharmacy dispensing network.
  • Enhance presciption fulfillment accuracy with industry-leading robotic technology.

Improved patient experience

  • Expand patient trust and brand loyalty with branded prescription label and packaging options.
  • Provide home delivery for a convenient patient experience.
  • Accelerate time to therapy with multiple fulfillment facilities strategically located across the US, near major shipping hubs.

Interested in pharmacy as a service?

CoverMyMeds offers full-service pharmacy solutions to support both front-end prescription management and centralized prescription fulfillment.

PaaS not the right solution? Explore other CoverMyMeds fulfillment solutions.

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