patient recieving prescriptions by mail and pharmacist fulfilling prescription

CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy

An in-workflow starting point for specialty prescriptions supported by CoverMyMeds.

Our Pharmacists

Experienced Staff and a Central Prescribing Location

Staffed by experienced full-time pharmacists and nationally certified pharmacy technicians, CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy serves as the central location to send specialty prescriptions, whether you use electronic or paper-based methods.

collage of CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy Staff

Rebecca Wilson

Staff Pharmacist

Melissa Minello

Senior Pharmacy Technician

Megan Marchal

Pharmacist in Charge

Streamlined and Efficient Processes

Enrollment processes are streamlined and end-to-end case visibility available through Cases within your CoverMyMeds account, helps provide prescriptions that are efficiently and accurately processed. Once they are ready for triage, CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy ensures transfer of the clean prescription to the appropriate dispensing pharmacy, allowing patients to get their medications faster.

Prescribe to CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy by:

  • ePrescribing via your EHR
  • Electronic Enrollment through CoverMyMeds
  • Enrollment form sent via fax
  • Prescription sent via phone or fax

Learn more about enrollment into programs for sponsored therapies and the how Cases provides visibility into the patient journey.

910 John Street, Suite 3B
Columbus, Ohio 43222
9 a.m. — 5p.m. ET

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