Every Connection Counts

We're reinventing how patients access and adhere to their medications by empowering the entire care team with the tools they need when and where they need them.

In the Clinic

RTPB results in 88% of prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.
Our in-workflow prescription decision support solutions share accurate information with providers at the point of care, so they can have more transparent conversations with their patients about clinically appropriate and affordable options, helping to reduce sticker shock at the pharmacy counter. In fact, health system prescribers who used CoverMyMeds' RTPB solution saw 88% of valid transactions filled in the last 6 months.

At Home

Over $900,000 saved in the first year.
Healthcare consumerism is on the rise, and patients are taking more active roles in their wellness journeys. Our solutions provide visibility into the status of prescriptions and control over how patients pay for and pick them up.
Patients whose care team used CoverMyMeds' latest prescription decision support solution saved over $900,000 in medication costs.

In the Pharmacy

In 2021, 44% of patients talked to their pharmacist about affordability options.
As essential members of the care team, pharmacists should have all the information they need to help reduce prescription abandonment — including payment options, manufacturer coupons, drug interactions and ingestion details.
Our solutions help pharmacists better educate and engage with their patients, while also reducing costs and maintaining compliance.
Timely information. Critical touchpoints.
CoverMyMeds provides Prescription Decision Support tools for the entire care team, throughout the patient journey.
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