Patient and Provider

Clinical Trials Recruitment

Expanding Your Reach to Pre-Qualified Patient Candidates

Through CoverMyMeds’ robust healthcare network, we bring technology and proprietary data together across therapeutic areas to help 900,000 providers inform pre-qualified candidates about local clinical trials.

84% of patients would consider participating in clinical trials if their physician recommended they do so.1
While 84% of physicians are comfortable providing patients with clinical trial information, 54% said they lacked access to information and48% didn’t know where to refer patients.1

Connecting Providers and Patients

Our new clinical trial recruitment program employs existing technology to inform providers about their patients who may pre-qualify for local clinical trials.

  • Patients of our 900,000 network providers can receive real-time information on clinical trials, applicability and research sites in their area.
  • Meeting providers in their workflow enables productive patient conversations and helps improve awareness for a mutually beneficial experience.
  • Decrease time to enrolling pre-qualified trial candidates by identifying patients during the prescribing process.

Pilot Study

One in Three Providers Took Action

During a recent pilot, 32 percent of CoverMyMeds providers engaged with clinical trial notifications in our platform, demonstrating strong interest in the research opportunity.1

Patient and Provider

Through the industry’s largest network, connected by technology, we solve patients’ greatest medication access challenges — including access to innovative, groundbreaking new therapies.

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