Medication access can be a maze. Take the easy way out.

Our suite of medication access solutions helps simplify manual workflows so you can get back to helping patients.

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When prior authorization is required for a medication, it can delay therapy and increase the likelihood that a patient will abandon their prescription.1

Easy-to-use, centralized solutions available free for healthcare teams

  • Complete prior authorization (PA) requests electronically in a few clicks
  • Access and submit pharmacy-initiated prior auth requests
  • Enroll patients into support services for complex therapies

Electronic Prior Authorization

Faster submissions than phone; faster determinations than fax2

  • Submit prior auth requests for all plans and any medication
  • Get electronic determinations, often within minutes
  • Save and return to prior auth requests between other tasks

Specialty Medications

Complex therapies?
No problem.

Electronic patient enrollments, active prescription transmissions and status updates — in one place.

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Prescription transmissions at the point of enrollment to CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy

Dashboard view provides visibility into the entire patient journey from prescribing to triage

Enrollment at the point of prescribing enables access before the patient leaves the office

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  2. 2. 2020 CAQH Index