Breaking Barriers at NACDS Total Store Expo 2024

When: August 17 - 19, 2024

Where: Booth 221 at The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center BCEC

Who: You and CoverMyMeds

Pharmacist behind desk

What if the prescription process was as efficient as it was effortless? What if there were no barriers?

CoverMyMeds can remove work flow hurdles. From the time a script arrives until patients leave with their therapies, we’re with you, enabling workflow solutions so that you can take care of the patient. We take an individualized approach to equipping pharmacies with smarter technology solutions—solving your biggest pain points from therapy affordability to prescription automation.

Pharmacist speaking with patient about prescription

Helping Pharmacies Serve Patients Better

Our pharmacy products are designed to help pharmacists and their staff keep up with an ever-evolving healthcare and technology landscape. With a combination of top quality tech and strong in-house expertise, CoverMyMeds can empower you to help patients access, afford, and adhere to medication.

Curated Options Built on Four Pharmacy Solution Pillars

Our pharmacy products are built on the four solution pillars, and our team will help you select a curated combination of products that can help you make the most of your business.

  1. Clinical Safety
    Solutions that provide real-time, in-workflow communication to pharmacists. Easy access to critical insights can help you mitigate risk-related adverse drug events such as product recalls, formulation changes, and dosage alerts.
  2. Patient Access and Affordability
    Solutions that offer automatic reductions of patient copay on eligible claims. We can help you mitigate prescription denials, improve patient acquisition, reduce script abandonment, and minimize workflow interruptions for pharmacists.
  3. Pharmacy Operations
    Solutions that can help you streamline workflows and boost operational efficiency. By simplifying and automating processes, you get more time to expand your services that support patient care, increase convenience, and mitigate audit risks.
  4. Centralized Fulfillment
    Solutions for automated front-end prescription \ processing and back-end fulfillment. With our end-to-end support, your organization can focus on in store services, potentially leading to new revenue streams, and outsource time-consuming and costly manual prescription processing.
See how we helped Niemann Foods outsource their fulfillment needs in this pharmacy customer case.
A pharmacist speaking with a patient about their prescription

Lowering Your Barriers to Success

In a complex and fragmented ecosystem, simplification can bring stakeholders together. Through continual innovation based on 30+ years of pharmacy industry experience, we deliver solutions that connect your patients, staff, and business success.

Download our pharmacy network case study

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  • Visit CoverMyMeds at NACDS TSE at BOOTH 221 to see how our solutions can help your pharmacy.
  • August 17 – 19 at The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center BCEC.
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